Listen . . . Compassion (Invocation)

Invocation of the Bodhisattva of


(Invocation of Kanzeon/Quanyin/Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of


—whose name means “the one who beholds (or absorbs) the

sounds/cries of the world.”)

Absorbing world sounds

awakens a buddha right here!

This buddha,

the source of compassion.

This buddha

receives only compassion.

Buddha, Dharma, Sangha—

just compassion.

Thus, the pure heart

always rejoices.

‘Her mind is virtue, perfected.

Her body is wisdom, perfected.

Her face is bathed in holy light.

She is compassion itself.

Her orchid heart delights in mercy.

No matter what evils we face,

no matter what beasts or demons,

no matter what ill fortune or disease,

no matter even if we face death.

Kuan-Yin destroys them all

with her compassionate glance,

with her perfected soul.

She is infinitely blessed.’

In the light, recall this.

In the dark, recall this.

Moment after moment

the true heart arises.

Time after time

there is nothing but this.

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