About Me

I am not in competition with anyone else.
I run my own race.
I have no desire to play the game of being better than everyone else around me, in any way, shape or form.
I just aim to improve, to become a better person than I was.

~ Anonymous




Hello, my name is Halley Mechanic-Lustbader.  From my earliest memory, I always had a deep desire to explore and understand embodiment . . . 

Move, Meditate, Mindfulness . . . Find what works for YOU!

I have 25 years of experience in wellness and body conditioning.  Maybe it’s a spin class, a yoga class (gentle, hatha, hot 26, vinyasa, yin), a reiki session, working with the weights. Having a clean consistent diet rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and nutritional foods is key.  Each one of these modalities and living a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of my life.  I’ve always been amazed at the human body’s immense power to function, heal, and thrive. I live what I teach and believe in what I do. 

My mission is to inspire and encourage each student to become aware that when they take the time to listen, nourish and nurture their bodies, they become the conduit of their own well-being, maximizing their lives’ fullest potential. Whether training or teaching meditation, spin, yoga, I am devoted to the path of healing, harmony, and vitality.

I resonate deeply with the concept of practicing yoga to cultivate an essential foundation of comfort and stability that nourishes and empowers our healing, growth, and unfoldment. This is what I hope to convey in my teaching of yoga. Yoga for me is not just a practice of discipline, but a way of being – a way of life. I am very dedicated to my practice — it is my sadhana that allows me to meet and accept each breath and moment in my life with gratitude!  Whether we are together for a short period or a very long time, it’s an incredible experience to build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect, sharing time, space and witnessing a student’s journey deeper into their body, heart, and mind, is an honor.

In furthering my knowledge, I have studied with numerous respected teachers in-person such as Leslie Kaminoff, Tom Myers, Dr. Vesant Lad, Rolf Sovic, Shari Friedrichsen, Claire Diab, Davidji, Camille Kittrell, Jason Crandell and Kristine Kaoverii Weber.

I continue to explore opportunities to further my knowledge in the study of anatomy and all matters of spirituality, self-inquiry, and energy healing, and am greatly influenced by Bernie Clark, Sandra Anderson, Doug Keller, Paulie Zink, Tara Brach, PhD and Jack Kornfield, PhD with whom I have taken several online continuing education courses. 

As an extension of my practice, I am privileged to include additional Yoga training in support of those who are working through a Breast Cancer diagnosis and beyond. Working out of Martha’s Vineyard, I also offer services as a Master Level Reiki Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Health and Wellness Consultant, and Fitness Instructor for spinning.


• E-RYT 500
• Yin Yoga
• Yoga for Breast Cancer
• The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM): Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist.
• American Fitness and Professional Association (AFPA): Wellness and Nutrition Consultant
• Mad Dogg: Spinning (Group Fitness Instructor)
• C.H.E.K Institute: Holistic Lifestyle Coach
• Reiki Practitioner (Master Level)

BYourWord . . . Inspired to create meaningful pieces of jewelry that each carry an individual intention, a story, a purpose. I handcraft each piece with great intention of love and compassion. The vibrations and healing properties of these stones and metals combined with the loving Reiki energy is a way to provide healing energy as you wear them and it is my hope that it will bring you love, inner peace and happiness. To preview the line, please see my My Shop or if you have a special request, please feel free to contact me.

~ From my heart to yours . . . OM Shanti 

My Inspiration Page is a part of me and my journey in this life.  You will find posts about the books I’m reading, music, poetry, quotes, my designs and creations, photos I’ve taken, and all sorts of other beautiful things that matter to me.  I’ve always enjoyed sharing and exploring all of the easily overlooked joys and wonders of everyday life and it’s my goal that my site can be a place of encouragement, delight, discovery, and positivity for everyone who passes this way!