Black Mystique Obsidian Chakra Necklace/Bracelet


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Black Mystique Obsidian beads are hand beaded onto durable wire giving the piece a natural and flexible touch. The piece is complemented with a 925 sterling silver Heart charm, Semi Precious Chakra Beads as described below and 925 sterling silver lobster clasp.

AMETHYST: SAHASRARA (the crown chakra)
Spirituality, Wisdom, Love, Freedom, Peace, Whole, Connection, Balanced

LAPIS: AJNA (the third eye chakra)
Intuition, Honesty, Wisdom, Guidance, Protection

TURQUOISE: VISHUDDHA (the throat chakra)
Truth, Communication, Discipline, Peace, Awake, Trust

PERIDOT: ANAHATA (the heart chakra)
Love, Compassion, Empathy, Acceptance, Abundance, Growth, Forgiveness

CITRENE: MANIPURA (the solar plexus chakra)
Intelligence, Ambition, Powerful, Worthy, Radiant

CARNELIAN: SVADHISHTHANA (the sacral chakra)
Sensual, Creative, Sexual, Passion, Courage, Capable

GARNET: MULADHARA (the root chakra)
Grounded, Secure, Confident, Strong, Stable, Supported, Safe, Enough


Necklace Length – 21″

The piece can be worn as a bracelet by wrapping it 3 times around the wrist depending on your wrist size.


A wearable reminder of your intention kept close to your heart.


All items in my shop are carefully wrapped, making them suitable for gifting – even if it’s just for you! Purchases are shipped in securely sealed padded envelopes


This piece has been lovingly handcrafted for both beauty and durability. To prolong the life of your piece, be mindful. Avoid exposure to water, lotions, perfumes and extended sunlight.


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